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6-9-17 attorneys representing LPA Request to deny met Council's request for summary judgment, See more links below  

Lakes and Parks Alliance rebut the demand from the Met Council for summary judgment, and provide affidavit to support this demand. Discovery conducted by LPA highlights the failure of the Met Council to follow its own science, while demonstrating how the Met Council contravened the law by only ever scoping one route for the LRT. This Met Council Report on Southwest LRT Water Quality demonstrates just how bad the science is.

4-28-17  attorneys representing lPA file a second Motion for Summary Judgment

Federal District Judge John Tunheim denied LPA's first Motion for Summary Judgment, but in language that hardly gave comfort to the Met Council. He said he would reconsider the case after a period of discovery and the filing of an amended Motion. This has now been done.  Click on the heading above to read the filing. To read the Memorandum in Support of the Second Summary Judgment, please click here. For the proposed order granting the Second Summary Judgment, please click here.

5-17-16 Judge orders Met council to hand over Southwest light rail documents

After months of waiting, LPA succeeds in requests to review public documents leading to decision resulting in co-location of light rail and freight rail in the Kenilworth Corridor.

3-15-16 Many questions remain: Talking Points for the 2016 MN legislative Session

LPA  presents talking points challenging Minnesota legislators to consider the true costs, safety issues, ridership, and other concerns surrounding our pending lawsuit. 

1-11-16 LPA Court Hearing: Met Council Refuses to Share Public Information

LPA counsel's requests for information in discovery heard in federal court by Magistrate Judge Rau. Met Council has to date refused to share public information.


LPA Board Member George Puzak's comments from the Speak for the Trees event.

10-13-15 U.S. Court Requests Documents and interrogatories from Met Council

LPA counsel requests documents that will highlight the fact that the Metropolitan Council has not pursued any alternatives to the proposed routing of the SWLRT.


Federal 8th District Judge Tunheim states, "This opinion concludes that the LPA has not shown it is entitled to judgment as a matter of law on the record before the Court. It does not, however, end the case."


Federal 8th District Judge Tunheim heard arguments from LPA requesting that the court proceed with a full hearing on March 9. Please read the brief for a full summary of the positions Judge Tunheim is considering.

11-3-14        Press Release Summary Judgment

If the court grants the request, the SWLRT approvals obtained by Met Council through the municipal consent process would become null and void. The Met Council would have to pause the project while the environmental impact study required by state and federal laws was completed and provided to the municipalities when a new consent process is commenced.

11-3-14        LPA Files for Summary Judgment

Lakes and Parks Alliance of Minneapolis explains that a trial is unnecessary because the facts of the case concerning the timelines of the municipal consent and environmental review processes are known and are not in dispute.

9-8-14         LPA Press Release Filing Complaint

LPA Board Member George Puzak explains why citizens of Minneapolis are filing a formal complaint in U.S. District Court regarding lack of an updated Environmental Impact Statement contemplating tunnels in Kenilworth Corridor.

9-2-14          LPA Complaint to FTA, Met Council

LPA's formal Plaintiff Action in U.S. Distict Court to the Federal Transit Administration, Metropolitan Council, and Met Council Chair Susan Haigh

8-15-14         FTA Response to LPA Letter

FTA Regional Administrator Marisol Simón responds that no cessation of funding for SWLRT is warranted.

7-24-14        LPA Letter to FTA

LPA's Letter to the Federal Transit Administration regarding lack of environmental review (EIS) for SWLRT

6-23-14        LPA Letter to Mayor

LPA Letter to Mayor Hodges regarding lack of environmental review (EIS) for SWLRT

Other Action:

6-23-14 Letter from Attorney representing Calhoun-Isles Condominium Association to Mayor Hodges

View Letter


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Key Contacts:

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Mayor Betsy Hodges, Minneapolis: Web comment  Post on the Mayor's Blog

Peter Wagenius, Minneapolis Transportation Policy Aid,

Kevin Reich, 612-673-2201, Minneapolis City Council,

Cam Gordon, 612-673-2202, Minneapolis City Council,

Jacob Frey, 612-673-2203, Minneapolis City Council,

Barbara Johnson, 612-673-2204, Minneapolis City Council,

Blong Yang, 612-673-2205, Minneapolis City Council,

Abdi Warsame, 612-673-2206, Minneapolis City Council,

Lisa Goodman, 612-673-2207, Minneapolis City Council,

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Alondra Cano, 612-673-2209, Minneapolis City Council,

Lisa Bender, 612-673-2210, Minneapolis City Council,

John Quincy, 612-673-2211, Minneapolis City Council,

Andrew Johnson, 612-673-2212, Minneapolis City Council,

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