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Upcoming Events

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August 17th Rally at at Cedar Lake Beach (South Beach)

Sat, Aug 17th, 10:00 a.m., at Cedar Lake Beach (South Beach) for a rally to voice our opposition.

The Kenilworth Preservation Group (KPG) was formed as a grass roots
organization with the goal of preserving the Kenilworth Corridor. With the
pending LRT threatening to destroy one of the cities most beautiful & precious
resources, we need your help!
The Kenilworth Corridor is one of the Crown Jewels of Minneapolis. This Green
Space is like none-other and should not be destroyed for any reason, including
mass transit. While we all believe LRT is important in moving the city forward,
there can be no convincing argument that it comes at the cost of our parks, lakes
and recreational land.
The decision to move forward with co-location or a shallow tunnel
Now is the time to stand-up and fight for the preservation of this land!!!
Please join KPG & others on Saturday, August 17th @ 10:00 am at
Cedar Lake Beach (South Beach) for a rally to voice our opposition

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